Media-Saturn is starting with Germany-wide same-day-delivery strategy


Faster than Amazon: Media-Saturn is currently very communicative and starts almost nationwide same-day deliveries within three hours. The big electronics company puts the price for this service to €14.95, making it more expensive than Amazon, but also faster. Customers of the e-commerce giant, who are not Prime Member, pay almost 10 euros for Same Day Delivery (SDD). Specifically this means that you have to order the goods in the morning, to get them until the evening on the same day. Amazon offers these express deliveries but “only” in 14 major German cities. In contrast, Media-Saturn is trying to leverage its reach by having many local stores. Because the electronics chain is represented in 170 German cities: “With around 240 Media Markt stores and 155 Saturn stores we now offer almost all locations in Germany, the express delivery – and thus have at least a coverage of more than 80 percent of the German territory”, says Media-Saturn Germany CEO Wolfgang Kirsch the “Handelsblatt”. Take the customers Same Day Delivery of good, the service is to be extended to foreign markets. Media Saturn is currently preparing pilot projects in Austria and the Netherlands.


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